History Matters welcomes submissions from all undergraduates. Please follow these guidelines when submitting papers:

  • The deadline for submissions is Dec. 13, 2021.
  • Authors may submit papers via e-mail attachment in Microsoft Word format to
  • We ask that each author put his or her name, university, e-mail address, current mailing address, and phone number on a coverpage. This coverpage may be part of the word document.
  • We are especially seeking papers that utilize primary sources.
  • We strongly prefer papers between 10 and 20 pages in length, but allow papers up to 50 pages in length.
  • We ask that authors do not include their names in the header or footer.
  • Please use 1" margins and twelve-point font.
  • The body text of all papers should be double-spaced, but footnotes should be single-spaced and ten-point font.
  • All papers must include a bibliography of sources used.
  • We ask that authors use footnotes and conform manuscripts to the Chicago Manual of Style (latest edition), especially for footnote form.
  • Only one submission per student will be reviewed.
  • We do not accept papers already published or previously submitted to this journal or other academic journals.
  • Revisions and additional research may be requested after editorial review, but a request for revision does not guarantee publication.
  • View the rubric (PDF) used by editors to assess paper submissions for possible publication.

Please see the FAQ page for more information about the types of papers we are seeking. The editors welcome any questions at

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