Spring 2011

The eighth annual issue of History Matters: An Undergraduate Journal of Historical Research was published May 2011 by the Department of History at Appalachian State University.  Six research papers were selected for publication from the eighty-seven submissions received. Also included are book reviews written by the editorial staff and graduate students from Appalachian State University.

Editor-in-chief: Paige Badame, Associate Editors: Rose Buchanan and Margaret Edling, Assistant Editor: Evan Jones, Contributing Editors: Vinicis Bivar Marra Pereira and Andrew Gehlhausen

Faculty Editorial Board: Dr. Lucinda McCray, Dr. Craig Fischer, Dr. Antonio Bly, Dr. Timothy Silver, Dr. Michael Wade, Dr. Michael Krenn, Dr. Shelia Phipps, and Dr. Anatoly Isaenko.

The staff would like to thank Dr. Judkin Browning, Teanna Setzer and Donna Davis for their participation in the editorial process.

Research Papers

By Ena Scott, Sophomore, James Madison University

By Eric Rapps, Junior, McGill University

By Rachel Phyllis O'Donnell, Junior, Appalachian State University

By Stephanie Perrin, Senior, Ryerson University

Book Reviews

Reviewed by Daniel Michalak, Graduate Student, Appalachian State University

Reviewed by Andrew Gehlhausen, University of Illinois at Chicago

Reviewed by Eric Cressey, Graduate Student, Appalachian State University

Reviewed by John Aaron Akey, Graduate Student, Appalachian State University

A page of history is worth a volume of logic.
Oliver Wendell Holmes


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